Saturday, February 25, 2012

Farewell Maryland

There have been big changes for the Smead Family since January 20.  Russell found out that he is one of several employees to be laid off.  Needless to say, that means that we will be heading in a new direction.  We have prayed and sought counsel from some trusted spiritual elders.  Russell applied for jobs in Maryland and in our home state of Michigan.  He checked out schools to attend to finish his Bachelor's Degree.  Ultimately, we have decided to use this opportunity to head back to Michigan to be closer to our family.  We have prayed and hoped for an opportunity to move closer to family and we feel like our prayers have been answered.  This may not be the ideal circumstance to move, but we are stepping out in faith.

That being said, we have lived in Maryland for nearly 5 years.  This is the only home our children can remember.  We have many close friends.  This decision to leave is not made lightly.  It is actually heartbreaking.  It is so heart wrenching to see our children crying at the thought of leaving their friends.  It is like looking into a mirror.  My heart is breaking too.

However....there is still a LOT to do before we go.  We want to use our time to the fullest.  There is packing, visiting with friends, and sightseeing to do.  Hope you enjoy our pictorial diary...

Our Bradley Childbirth class babies saying goodbye...

Family picture at the Smithsonian.

National Zoo in Washington DC.

Nature walk with Daddy behind our Maryland house.

 Last day at Faith Family Church....saying our goodbyes....

Driving away from Maryland.  This is the view from the front window of the Odyssey while following Russell driving our 26' U haul and pulling our car.

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