Saturday, October 15, 2011

All My Children

All my children will eventually start wearing things I don't like.  However there are three things that I will stand firm on not allowing them to wear.

Number 1-Yoga Pants
I understand that Yoga Pants are comfortable.  I want to be comfortable too.  That being said however pants that have another title with them are designed for doing a certain activity.  Suit pants-  worn while wearing a suit.  Sweat pants-  worn while sweating.   Pajama pants- worn while sleeping or preparing to sleep.  Yoga pants-  worn while engaging in yoga (or at least working out to some degree).  Why is it that young people have decided that wearing yoga pants everywhere is the best thing for them to do with their life.  Men are visual creatures.  It is hard for young men to think pure thoughts when things (girls walking around in yoga pants) pass by in places where such things are not needed.  Yoga pants have a place.  It is called on a yoga mat.

Number 2-Boots
Boots have a purpose.  They are to protect your feet or allow you to do some task easier.  They also usually say what that purpose is in the name of the boot.  Combat boots-for combat.  Snow boots-for snow.  Hiking boots-for hiking.  The list goes on and on.  Why then are young girls wearing giant rubber boots all over the place.  Are they going wading in a pond.  Maybe fishing.  I used to wear giant rubber boots to clean the pig pen. I don't think that is the case though.  And what about the giant fuzzy boots (UGG).  Those boots look like the same ones worn by antarctic explorers and eskimos.  Rule should be-If your boots look like they are made for driving a sled dog you can't wear them in a shopping mall.

Number 3- Men's Skinny Jeans
 I don't really feel like I have to explain this one.  Seeing men walking around looking like they couldn't find pants that fit so they borrowed their little brothers is not cool.  They need to go away.  I think I looked more manly when I had to wear tights for a play in middle school.

So these are a few fashion tips from me.  Honorable mention goes to women and girls with writing on the rear of your pants.  The only thing a word in that place is going to do is make people stare at you which is not the way to go through life.


  1. I happen to be wearing your Army sweatsuit as we speak and I am not sweating and have no intention on sweating. Furthermore, you dressed Selah in a sweatsuit today and she isn't sweating either. How do you explain this contradiction? Also, why did you wear steel toed work boots in high school on a daily basis? Were you working in construction at the time?

  2. i break rule number 2 all the time - i happen to find them quite comfortable and warm in the winter months :)